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The ABCs of HBCUs (Board Book)

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Get ready for the ride of your life, as The ABCs of HBCUs takes readers on a front-row, all-inclusive tour of Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

The first ABC board book dedicated to HBCUs, children quickly recognize that "A" isn't always for "apple." From FAMU to Howard, the Divine Nine to Battle of the Bands, children learn about the love, lifestyles, and legacies that built these incredible institutions.


The "ABCs of HBCUs" includes 55 HBCUs and all of the Divine 9 organizations.

Customer Reviews

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James Young


Excellent book!

Excellent book that’s cute, colorful and informative. Will buy again and be on the lookout for other offerings from this company.

DeLaine R.
HBCU Pride

I was so thrilled to be able to read this wonderful book to my children. As an HBCU alum, it was amazing to share this wealth of knowledge with the next generation and future HBCU alums.

Ms Mac
The ABCs of HBCUs

Colorful, informative and fun!

Janice Pullen
ABCs of HBCUs Book - is Mine!

I bought the book with the sole intention of gifting it to someone. Well, that's not gonna happen!

I will use it to better encourage family and friends to choose HBCU to discover/gain experiences that are not taught in other places and spaces in our world.

Why? In my youth I'd been (mis) informed that HBCUs were inferior schools. So, I acquired my Bachelor Degree at a Catholic University. After graduation, I was hired on for an opening in the Adult Learning Program at an HBCU. Something leaders at my alma mater would not hire me to do.

Amazing! So, I walked my talk at the HBCU. "WE enthusiastically increased adult enrollments".

This copy of ABC'S of HBCU'S book is mine to
use to assist in breaking cycles of misinformation across this nation and the world.

Thank You for creating this blueprint for the future!