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About our Founder

Claudia Walker is an Oakland based author, speaker, and former principal whose work has been featured in Forbes, Essence, and Black Enterprise. As a proud second generation HBCU graduate, her best-selling book series, The ABCs of HBCUs, was inspired by her undergraduate experiences at Spelman College and as a student in the Atlanta University Center. 

After graduating from Spelman, Claudia moved to New York where she helped structure, price, and execute multi-million dollar new issue debt securities for a major Wall Street investment bank. Her second book series, The ABCs of Black Wall Street was inspired by her experiences on Wall Street and love of Black history. Although she enjoyed working in finance, Claudia’s first loves - writing and teaching - eventually drew her back to California.  

In the classroom, Claudia shared stories of life at Spelman and on Wall Street. Yet, more often than not, she realized that many of her students had never been exposed to Black Colleges or to the world of investing. “I wanted to be part of the solution so I started taking my students to college fairs, hosting summer enrichment camps, and teaching financial literacy classes, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to impact more students, so I decided to launch my own publishing company” said Walker. 

Claudia is the proud mom of three amazing children: a future Supreme Court justice, a zoologist, and a superhero in training. Unfortunately, she has yet to find an HBCU with a rigorous Superhero program.

When she’s not writing or teaching, the self-described Mary J. Blige superfan and cupcake connoisseur enjoys traveling with her family and knows that without God, none of her blessings would be possible. 


About HBCU Prep School

We’re a family-owned multimedia education company that teaches Black history, financial literacy and cybersecurity through children's books, puzzles, stationery, videos, classes and apparel. Deeply committed to showcasing and celebrating stories that mainstream publications tend to overlook, we launched HBCU Prep School in 2020. 

The first title from our debut book series, The ABCs of HBCUs was released in 2020 and our highly anticipated series, The ABCs of Black Wall Street launched January 2022. Since its release, it has racked up multiple accolades including Essence Magazine's list of "Favorite Children's Books by Black Authors" and "The Best of the Best" list by the Black Caucus American Library Association.

In January 2023, both books were featured in Target stores as part of their Black History Month collection. The following month, HBCU Prep School founder, Claudia Walker, was invited to the White House and announced a new book series about cybersecurity. 

From our books and flashcards to our stock market classes and music videos, our products seek to educate children about Black culture, financial literacy and technology in a modern, kid-friendly and culturally responsive manner.  Our products are bold, unapologetically celebrate the Black experience, and encourage children to see themselves as part of the rich tapestry of Black history.

At HBCU Prep School, we’re decolonizing education by bringing empowering and authentic stories of the Black experience into homes and classrooms everywhere!