Why We Hosted a Stock Giveaway for Kids

Why We Hosted a Stock Giveaway for Kids

Whoever said Black kids don’t invest, never met our most recent stock recipients Khyree, Genevieve, Chloe (and her little brother Miles). 


If you haven’t heard the news, HBCU Prep School hosted a stock giveaway contest to launch our newest book, The ABCs of Black Wall Street. If you know anything about Black Wall Street, then you know the Greenwood neighborhood was all about community, family, entrepreneurship, and creativity. 


The stock giveaway was our way of keeping that same energy and paying it forward! We also launched the giveaway to help narrow the wealth gap between Black and white families.
According to a 2019 survey by the Federal Reserve, “only 34% of Black American households owned equity investments, as compared with 61% of white families.” 


The excitement surrounding our stock giveaway was crazy! Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and community members entered on behalf of the incredible young people in their lives. 


To announce the stock winners, we went Live on Instagram and my sons, ages five and nine,  randomly selected the winners. I couldn’t have folks mad at me for not winning - lol. 


Each of our three winners received a $50 stock certificate from Stockpile. I love the Stockpile app because it’s super kid friendly and allows children, with some guidance from a guardian, to learn about and choose stocks that they like.


So without any further adieu, let me introduce you to some of the cutest investors you’ll ever see:


Khyree Lee (Age: 5); Ohio
Genevieve (Age: 8 months); California
Chloe (Age: 6) & Miles (Age 4); South Carolina


I’m so grateful that God gave me the vision for this giveaway. It was such a success that we’ll definitely be doing it again. But in the meantime, we’re sending lots of love and Black Wall Street vibes to Khyree, Genevieve, Chloe and Miles. 

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