We're part of Target's 2023 Black History Month Collection!

We're part of Target's 2023 Black History Month Collection!

I've been sitting on this announcement for over a year and am SOOOO excited to officially announce that HBCU Prep School is part of Target's 2023 Black History Month collection! We're in EVERY Target Store, ya'll (1,948 to be exact)!!!
And to sweeten the deal, we created a collector's edition version of The ABCs of Black Wall Street and The ABCs of HBCUs for our retail debut. The books are hardcover, larger than our board books  and feature a special surprise inside the book that many of you have been asking for. So RUNNN to your local Target to pick up our books and coloring books.

With our debut in Target, this is the FIRST time that any big box retailer has had children’s books about HBCUs on their shelves. (Cue: The ABCs of HBCUs Anthem.) 

This is also the first time that they’ve stocked their shelves with coloring books that celebrate Black Wall Street and pioneers like O.W. Gurley and Loula Williams.  And we won’t even touch on the fact that we’re leading a “for us, by us” (FUBU) education revolution. We’re DISRUPTING the publishing industry. This is history in the making, y’all. 

And I can't tell you what a surreal experience it was to actually see my books on Target's shelves. As if I'm not at Target entirely too much already... 
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