New Flashcard Deck Teaches Children About Black College Trailblazers

New Flashcard Deck Teaches Children About Black College Trailblazers

HBCU Prep School proudly presents our HBCU Icons Black History Flashcard series. This 42-card deck highlights Black college students and alums whose vision, creativity, and leadership have left an indelible mark on the world. 

From prominent figures like Chadwick Boseman and Stacey Abrams to unsung heroes like Dr. Patricia Bathand Ronald McNair, icons-in-the-making learn about Black history and the incredible contributions that Black college grads have made in the world of entertainment, sports, politics, STEM, medicine, business, education, media, aviation, civil rights, and so much more. 

Each card includes biographical information, fun facts, bold illustrations, and an inspirational quote. And since we put the “u” in edUcation, our HBCU Icons series features two cards, allowing children to create personalized history maker cards. 

Here are some ways you can use our flashcards:


  • Icon of the Day - Select one card to focus on each day, then discuss the icon’s accomplishments in class, on the way to practice, over dinner, or at bedtime. 
  • Icon of the Week - Select one card to focus on each week, then create a project or presentation.
  • Trivia - Once scholars become familiar with the icons in the deck, quiz them to see how well they know their HBCU Icons.
  • Memory - Purchase two decks and see who can match the most cards.
  • Charades - Pick a card, then use your acting skills to help your teammates guess the icon.
  • Gratitude Journaling - Use a journal to outline how HBCU Icons have positively impacted you and your community. 
  • Thank You Letter - Write a “thank you” letter to an icon. Bonus points if you actually mail it. 
  • BINGO - Visit our website and download our FREE HBCU Icons BINGO sheets. 
  • Sequence - Sequence the cards by the icon’s age.
  • Quote Me - Pick a card and read the quote. Then, explain (verbally or in writing) what that quote means. Why is it important?
  • Impact Duel - Shuffle cards and place them face down. Each player pulls a card from the deck and reads their “most impactful” fun fact. The “best/most impactful” fun fact wins. If you can’t decide on a winner, players take turns explaining how and why their icon was the most impactful. If you still can’t pick a winner, the youngest player pulls another card from the deck. The player whose icon’s birthday is closest to the icon pulled wins. 
  • HBCU Sort - Sort the deck by HBCUs. 
  • HBCU Fun Facts - Use the deck to research an HBCU. When was it founded? Where is it located? What majors does it have? Create a list of notable alums. 


Our HBCU flashcards create engaging and entertaining ways for children to learn about Black history and the incredible accomplishments of Black college graduates. 


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