How Our New Christmas & Kwanzaa Coloring Book Inspired the Kwanzaa Kid's Club

How Our New Christmas & Kwanzaa Coloring Book Inspired the Kwanzaa Kid's Club

Ah, the winter break - those two weeks during the school year when my job as a teacher and my children's school schedules come together for long days filled with family, friends, and food. To me, the holidays are full of anticipation - crowds, family, food, good music, changing weather, reflecting on the year that's ending, and preparing for the year ahead. 

Those themes helped inspire our new holiday coloring book, "Let it Snow: A Christmas Kwanzaa Coloring & Activity Book." When I created this book, I pictured kids huddled on couches, cozied up by the fireplace, and coloring while Donnie Hathaway's "This Christmas" played in the background. This coloring book is a love letter to Black childhood, Black family life, and Black holiday traditions. 

Christmas has always been my favorite. Who could resist the delicious food and sounds of laughter, dominoes, and card games? But, growing up, my family didn't celebrate Kwanzaa. I'd never even heard of it until I was in high school. As a mom, I wanted my children to have a different experience. So, in my home, I've made it my mission to embrace the cultural traditions of Kwanzaa and create a Kwanzaa children's coloring book all about it.

"Let it Snow! A Christmas Kwanzaa Coloring & Activity Book" is a heartwarming holiday coloring journey that delves into the rich traditions of Christmas and Kwanzaa. 

In the book, children join a family as they participate in vibrant cultural celebrations, from cooking with grandma and organizing a Christmas toy drive to visiting a Black-owned bookstore and lighting the Kinara. 

But this isn't just about coloring inside the lines. Our activity book helps build vocabulary, critical thinking, and cultural awareness. It also includes pages that help children think about how they'll celebrate the seven days of Kwanzaa. Filled with word searches, R&B/Hip Hop Christmas music trivia, and games, children are in for a whole lot of fun. 

Plus, on December 26, in the spirit of Umoja and on the first day of Kwanzaa, we're rolling out the virtual red carpet and hosting the first, annual Kids Kwanzaa Club. This exclusive online event is a digital celebration that's part Black History, part Kwanzaa spectacular, and 100% the most cultured gathering of young Kwanzaa celebrators. So, parents, order your copies on our website or Amazon, get your's child's exclusive VIP access to the Kwanzaa Kids Club and prepare them to embark on a colorful adventure beyond crayons and paper.



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