Download Your FREE Black Music Month Activity Packet

Download Your FREE Black Music Month Activity Packet

Get ready to groove and celebrate the richness of Black Music Month with HBCU Prep School's brand new Black Music Month Activity Packet! This packet is specially curated to engage young scholars in a fun and educational experience that honors the incredible legacies of artists like Aretha Franklin, Missy Elliot, and  Kendrick Lamar (cause we gon' be alright!).

This FREE download is the perfect way to foster your children's appreciation for the power and influence of Black music.

Our Black Music Month Activity Packet includes:

  1. Family Music Playlist Worksheet: We believe that music has the power to bring families together. Our Family Music Playlist Worksheet allows you and your children to curate a playlist of your favorite music gems. From 90’s hip-hop to today’s popular music, this activity will not only create wonderful memories but also spark conversations about the significance and impact of these songs on our culture.


  1. Graphic Organizer/Writing Prompts to Research a Musician (differentiated by age): This worksheet encourages children to dive deeper into the world of music by researching and learning about their favorite Black musicians. Our Graphic Organizer and Writing Prompts, tailored to different age groups, provide a structured framework for your children to explore the lives and achievements of iconic Black musicians. This activity promotes research skills, critical thinking, and expands their knowledge of the music industry.


  1. Song Lyrics "Fill-in-the-Blank": Get ready to test your lyrical knowledge! Our "Fill-in-the-Blank" activity will challenge your children to complete the missing lyrics of famous music tracks. From classic R&B hits to contemporary rap anthems, this interactive worksheet will have everyone singing along and enjoying the rhythm of Black music.


  1. Coloring Page: Unleash your children's creativity with our Jelly Roll Morton Jazz Coloring Page. Featuring vibrant illustrations that pay homage to the richness of jazz music, this coloring activity allows budding artists to express themselves while celebrating the incredible talents of Black musicians.


Black music is a vibrant tapestry that has woven its way into the fabric of our culture, reflecting our stories, struggles, and triumphs. Through this activity packet, we hope to inspire your children to embrace the beauty of Black music, understand its historical context, and appreciate the artistry behind each note and lyric.

Join us in celebrating Black Music Month with our FREE Black Music Month Activity Packet that will leave your children feeling inspired, connected, and ready to do the Cupid Shuffle at the next family reunion. 


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